Abhyanga Snanam


India has got a great culture. We have different traditions for different festivals throughout the year. These traditions have their own values to keep the mankind healthy by keeping a perfect balance of nature and our body. The biggest of all festivals is Diwali, which comes at the starting of winter period after October heat. Diwali is incomplete without “Abhyanga Snana”. Application of Abhyanga oil followed by Ayurvedic herbal aromatic Ubtan is called as Abhyanga Snana.

अभ्यंगम् आचरेत् नित्यं स जराश्रमवातहा|
दृष्टिप्रसादपुष्ट्यायु: स्वप्नसुत्वक्त्वदार्ढ्यकृत्||

Abhyanga should be a part of daily regime. It has antiaging properties. It reduces body fatigue and helps to decrease vata dosha. It is good for healthy eyesight, nourishment of body and for longevity of life as well. It gives sound sleep, glowing soft skin and is good for toned body.
Abhyanga oil is processed with pure, good quality Ayurvedic herbal medicines which are best for skin and muscle tone. It brightens, smoothen the skin and improves its tone, thus has antiaging properties.

उद्वर्तनं कफहरं मेदस: प्रविलायनम्|
स्थिरीकरणम् अंगानां त्वक्प्रसादकरं परम्||

Application of ubtan is called Udwartana. It has got Kapha reducing properties and burns excess fats as well. It gives firmness to body and is best for nourished, toned skin.
Ubtan is a combination of pure Ayurvedic dried herbal powders like sariva, vala, turmeric, Chandan, sugandhi kachora, musta, rose petals, vacha etc. its texture is neither too fine nor too course as it is used for scrubbing purpose. Application of ubtan followed by Abhyanga oil removes dead cells from skin, prevents acne, pimples as it cleans the skin at deeper levels. It makes skin soft, supple and nourished. It improves blood circulation and removes tan and pigmentation.

How the Abhyanga Snana should be done?

Make the abhyanga oil lukewarm. Then apply it all over the body including face in the direction towards heart. If you are applying on a leg, then start from toes towards thigh. Massage lightly, so that oil should get absorbed through skin. Soak the ubtan powder in milk or water or rose water according to skin type (for dry skin in milk, for oily skin in water, for sensitive skin in rose water). It should be like a thick paste. Apply the ubtan same like oil against the direction of body hair with gentle scrubbing all over body. Then have a bath with warm water without any soap or body wash.
Soft, glowing, even toned skin with pleasant fragrance after bath makes us feel fresh and energetic. Improve your skin texture, prevent premature aging. Look fresh and youthful!

Dr. Sonal Darekar- Sahane
M.D. Ayurveda
Satmya Ayurveda And Panchkarma Clinic
Emailto: info@drsonaldarekar.com

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  1. Thanks for sharing the informative post Dr Sonal
    gives insights into how rich our tradition has been
    till reading your article it looked like just another thing but not anymore


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