The story of a woman’s life


The story of woman’s life

Today’s “woman” working equally with men in all aspects is a token of male- female equalism. How the current social tendency of underestimating women started, really don’t know. But, if we overviewed our history, there was no such secondary treatment given to her. Rather the culture always considers a woman at higher level. As the time passed, male dominance started growing up and reached a peak level that women had to prove their selves for their dignity which molded women into a clever, self-indulgent, efficient, independent women!

A daughter in the family makes entire house graceful. She takes care of her parents as well as siblings. When she gets younger leaves her all relations behind and enters another family. There she carries all responsibilities as a wife, as daughter-in-law. After giving birth to a baby, she serves for the rest of her life being a mother without feeling tired. Still towards the end of life, blossoms a new relation of Granny. She is the strongest pillar of her family and put her efforts for others the entire life. Delicacy, forgiveness, lovingness, courage, sensibility, tolerance like characteristics are naturally present in her. We come across them at each and every stage of her life. if we see physically, menstrual cycle, giving birth to a new life and breastmilk formation are woman specific characteristics. A lady always takes care of others before herself. That’s why here are some simple health tips for overall women’s health-

  • In spite of having very busy day schedule, she should try to find at least half an hour for her own health exercise.

  • She should try to take rest as much as possible during her menses.

  • Irregular menstrual cycles, heavy or less bleeding or bleeding in the form of clots or just spotting during menses; severe pain in legs, back; cramps in stomach, fever etc. such symptoms indicate abnormality and they need proper treatment.

  • A lady should not disturb her natural menstrual cycle by taking medication to prepone or postpone it.

  • Vaginal area should be kept clean and if any symptoms (Eg. White discharge, itching, burning, swelling or foul smell at vaginal area) occur, they should be treated immediately without hesitation.

  • During pregnancy period, good nutritious diet along with necessary rest should be taken. She should avoid travelling, exertion, mental stress, heavy works, busy work schedules and unhealthy food. Most important thing is her happiness and should be fresh.

  • She must avoid cold air, cold water, noisy places after her delivery. Should take breastmilk extorting and healthy diet. She has to take rest until her weakened body regains its strength.

  • Breast feeding is important for woman’s and baby’s health. If breastmilk secretion is less or baby is unable to digest the breastmilk, medication as per doctor’s advice and necessary changes in the diet would help. Till she breastfeeds, she should have healthy diet.

  • If she finds any kind of tumor at her breasts, should immediately consult doctor. Breast cancer is totally curable if diagnosed at early stages.

  • At her menopause, she may come across symptoms like nervousness, irritation, irregular menses etc. Some medical assistance along with proper diet helps her to face it smoothly.

Dr. Sonal Darekar- Sahane

M.D. Ayurveda

Satmya Ayurveda And Panchkarma Clinic